10 Applewood, Hampstead2024-01-21T23:04:02-05:00

Project Description

In the heart of Hampstead, Montreal, an expansive residence has undergone a meticulous modern redesign, blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless sophistication.

Every aspect of this project was curated with precision, utilizing premium materials to redefine each space.

The interiors seamlessly fuse functionality with elegance, featuring sleek lines and open layouts that create an atmosphere of modern luxury. Meticulously chosen high-quality materials, from marble countertops to hardwood floors, ensure both aesthetic appeal and enduring quality.

Notably, the design integrates traditional elements deliberately. Persian carpets grace the floors, adding a touch of heritage and warmth to the sleek modernity. Chandeliers, suspended like works of art, illuminate spaces with a timeless glow, juxtaposing contemporary design with a nod to classic opulence.

This project is a symphony of contrasts, where the avant-garde meets tradition. Each room tells a story of meticulous design choices. The result is an opulent residence transcending time, offering a harmonious blend of modernity and classic charm, transforming a house into a true masterpiece in the heart of Montreal’s Hampstead.